Daily Notes

Today I’m working on sprites and taking notes from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2JosGN5FmM

First off, character design. Sketch out designs in simple shapes to begin and determine the silhouette.

Create a 32×32 canvas or whatever size your final sprite will be to begin drawing.

Start off mapping out the silhouettes in the sprite canvas.

Determine the style of the sprite. This will determine the number of colors needed. For example, 1-bit light requires two colors, typically black and white.

Clipping masks are useful to instantly change colors. Correction layers also are useful in adjusting specific values, like hue, saturation, etc.

Useful tip in Clip Studio Paint. You can quickly create gradients by setting linework as a reference layer, putting a color layer beneath, divide the lineart in the color layer into sections of lightness, use the contour line paint tool, click then drag.

To set up for animation in Clip Studio Paint, go to window->timeline

Make a new timeline

Create an animation folder

Make a group for each frame

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