Hey There!

Site broke. >.> I’ll fix it soon.

HappyVainGlory a.k.a WhizkidHV a.k.a. Hoopa V here! Thanks for visiting my site!

I… should really use this for more things. :sweat:

No One’s Story is complete and can be found above in the link or at https://www.scribblehub.com/series/2739/no-ones-story/

It is NOT available anywhere else. If you see it, it’s been pirated. Especially if you’re being charged for it.

I’m currently working on Returning Transcendent Opens an Idol Agency hosted at Scribblehub. There are some bonus materials on this site too, but things are currently wonky due to wordpress updating.

I’m also slowly chipping away at some other stories too, but time is such a premium these days… >.>

For business inquiries, contact me at whizkidhv@gmail.com or hoopav@gmail.com