No One’s Story, Chapter 62

33 – Coldhearted Resolve Xinxin woke with a start. Her memories were jumbled together, and she couldn’t tell dream from reality. The bed she lay in, the walls she saw, the ceiling above her… all of it was unfamiliar, making it hard for her to determine where she was. “What… was that?” She placed her … Continue reading No One’s Story, Chapter 62

No One’s Story, Chapter 59

3:29 – Faithful Companion A silver spear with blinding radiance emerged within Serena’s hands and then flew towards Nowun’s chest. The Nameless One swung his sword to deflect the attack. However, the moment his dark blade made contact, the spear blurred and slipped past Nowun’s sword. His eyes widened and he immediately sidestepped. The spear … Continue reading No One’s Story, Chapter 59

No One’s Story, Chapter 58

3:28 – Recollection Space and time was locked down. Not only that, but a domineering presence that was both divine and cruel descended upon the world. Nowun noticed it first, mainly because his ability to return failed. The only times that happened were when an overwhelming force had appeared. But considering his current abilities, the … Continue reading No One’s Story, Chapter 58

No One’s Story, Chapter 57

3:27 – Karma – VII Mu Tian’s severed arm stained the ground crimson as blood continued to leak from its wound. Xinxin stifled her scream, but couldn’t help scrambling back. Her emotions were flurried, shifting between guilt, disgust, and fear. Guilt because she had likely caused Mu Tian’s death. Disgust because the arm was still … Continue reading No One’s Story, Chapter 57