No One’s Story, Chapter 20

20 – Demon Lord Route – VI I opened my eyes. Light streamed in from nearby, but my vision was too blurry to make out where. What happened to me? I tried to remember and, for the first time since I arrived in this world, couldn’t. But soon, like dripping water filling a bowl, bits … Continue reading No One’s Story, Chapter 20


No One’s Story, Chapter 17

17 – Demon Lord Route – IV Moonlight filtered in through the dense tree branches, barely illuminating the forest ground. Night had fallen while I explored the perimeter of Alvheim to memorize its protective barriers and reinforce them with my own. As a result, my ability to handle and analyze mana increased, although it wasn’t … Continue reading No One’s Story, Chapter 17

No One’s Story, Chapter 14

14 – Demon Lord Route – I Alvheim was burning. All around, screams filled the air. Imperial soldiers in black platemail marched across the streets, capturing any elf that caught their fancy. It was cruel. It was despicable. It was… something that Aria remembered. They were in the throne room. Aria, her father, and her … Continue reading No One’s Story, Chapter 14