No One’s Story, Chapter 51

3:21 – Karma – I A young lady in a violet dress sighed and fidgeted with her long, crimson hair. After a few moments, she stopped and shifted her blue eyes to the side, staring at a person standing there. “This is a stupid idea.” The person was a young man in a dark blue … Continue reading No One’s Story, Chapter 51

No One’s Story, Chapter 49

3:19 – Heaven-Seizer Wang Tian leaped into the air and swung his sword. The slash was slow, but fast. Simple but profound. A powerful blade honed by countless years and contemplation drew an arc through space towards his opponent. A black sword appeared to block it, but the counter-attack lacked the depth of laws. Because … Continue reading No One’s Story, Chapter 49

No One’s Story, Chapter 43

3:13 – Information Concealment The scion of the Wang Clan landed on the ground a few steps from Xinxin and nodded his head slightly. “Xiao Xinxin.” “Don’t call me that!” Xinxin crossed her arms and glared. “We aren’t married, no matter what my father or your father thinks!” Wang Tian frowned and stared for at … Continue reading No One’s Story, Chapter 43