No One’s Story, Chapter 47

3:17 – Myriad Heavens – I Wang Tian sighed. “Even now I can’t erase the karma of the past.” The heavenly prince watched Xinxin from a distant mountain peak. The young girl that had become a heaven-defying beauty stood in the pagoda balcony and focused on the jade slip Wang Tian had given her. Her … Continue reading No One’s Story, Chapter 47

No One’s Story, Chapter 43

3:13 – Information Concealment The scion of the Wang Clan landed on the ground a few steps from Xinxin and nodded his head slightly. “Xiao Xinxin.” “Don’t call me that!” Xinxin crossed her arms and glared. “We aren’t married, no matter what my father or your father thinks!” Wang Tian frowned and stared for at … Continue reading No One’s Story, Chapter 43